Project Management Career & Training Plans

A project management career path represents a logical step in the maturation of the organization. PM College can assist your organization in determining the types of project management job roles that are desired to support the mission of your group.

Our expertise in working with all types of organizations across the globe, focused on the professional development of the project management practices within those organizations, gives us a unique insight into best practices. Our experiences include working with project management offices, human resource and learning and development teams, divisions within organizations, and even smaller intact work teams that want to improve their project management career paths. Focusing energy on building the appropriate career paths leads to consistent practices, engaged employees, and positive business outcomes.

Once these career pathing activities are completed, you are provided with a comprehensive package that represents the structure and actions to be taken to establish project management career paths specific to your organization. This includes a hierarchical listing of project management roles, description of each role, recommendations for any competency assessments of existing staff, requirements from education, training, and experience, performance criteria, learning paths, and potential job assignment opportunities.

More Information

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