eLearning Development

eLearning Development

eLearning is the 21st century way to deliver knowledge to clients throughout your organization and even around the world. The PM College approach to eLearning focuses on what you need to drive compliance, understanding, and change. We do not simply say: “Here’s what we have on the shelf, do you want one?” Instead, each project is tailored for your organization, your audiences, and your content.

Creating Virtual Instructor-Led Training

PM College has transformed its most popular courses from an in-person to a virtual instructor-led format. We completely restructured the content, exercises, and instructor delivery to ensure that students get the experiences and interactions they expect from instructor-led training.

Our most sophisticated clients work with us to develop custom versions of these virtual classes. We leverage our expertise in rebuilding our own classes, then deliver examples and case studies most relevant to their organizations.

Not only has PM College developed its own eLearning, we also work with our clients to design and deliver custom eLearning. In fact, one organization resells PM College-developed eLearning to its own members and clients.

Our experience and flexible approach accounts for where you are on the journey, your learners' preferences, and your culture. This ensures that what we build for your organization fulfills your learning strategy or business targets. We can work with your existing content, your own content developers, or manage the entire process from design to delivery. We can even facilitate auxiliary resources like translators and narrators.

More Information

To learn more about how PM College can provide eLearning development solutions customized to your specific needs, contact PM College today at 1-800-983-0388 (toll free).