Training Development & Customization

Would you like your project management training to directly address your company’s unique needs?

Let us transform one or more of our off-the-shelf courses into just the right program to match your organization’s specific business objectives. All PM College courses are modular. Each self-contained component can be used independently to expedite the creation of customized content for you.

PM College specializes in course customization. While the level of customization can vary, the majority of our clients want to include client-specific processes, terminology, tools and templates, and case studies to make courses more applicable to the participants’ actual work environment. In fact, more than 60% of PM College courses are customized to some degree for our clients. Our Instructional Design team will work closely with you to create courses that provide practical examples that can be immediately applied by course participants.

The Business Impact of Customization

Just how much can customization make a difference? One of our clients in the commercial and consumer products industry had us deliver an off-the-shelf version of one of our courses and later deliver the same exact course with a customized case study. Participant survey results showed that performance outcomes improved by double digits upon delivery of the customized course:

  • Business Results: up by 23% (This training will improve my job performance)
  • Learning Effectiveness: up by 19% (I learned new knowledge and skills from this training)
  • Job Impact: up by 20% (I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this class to my job)
  • ROI (aggregate): up by 29% (This training is a worthwhile investment in my career development and for my employer)

More Information

To learn more about how PM College can customize courses to ensure the best learning outcomes for your organization, contact PM College today at 1-800-983-0388 (toll free).