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Troubled Projects? Key Strategies for Quick Turnarounds Webinar


Is it possible to survive a troubled project and turn it into a successful one? The answer is yes!

In this webinar, J. Kent Crawford combines expert data from two groundbreaking PM Solutions Research studies to address the issue of project failure and provide critical pathways to recovery. Learn how early detection of troubled projects is key and how implementing a recovery process can help you avoid costly losses and failures.

Attendees will discover:

Criteria for Detecting Troubled Projects
How to Implement PM Solutions’ Project Recovery Approach
The Critical Role of the Project Manager
The Responsibilities of the PMO
Successful Case Studies that Demonstrate the Recovery Approach.  

Learn how to leverage people and process to recover your at-risk project investments!

SPEAKER: J. Kent Crawford, PMP, PMI Fellow, Founder & CEO PM Solutions/PM College

J. Kent Crawford is the founder and CEO of PM Solutions, the leader in applying project and portfolio management processes and practices to drive operational efficiency for clients. He is also founder and CEO of the firm's training subsidiary, PM College. In addition to his executive role, he is an influential member of the project management community at large and a highly respected thought leader — a guest speaker at business conferences worldwide and the award-winning author of The Strategic Project Office.

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