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An Organization's Best Competitive Weapon: Business-Savvy Project Leaders

Traditional project management used to focus on the process of managing a project to successful completion. No more. When projects need to deliver business objectives, a broader acumen is needed.
Our economy and the flattened organization has exerted a pressure to shift from a narrow, strong, technical focus of project management to a broader, more business-driven focus. The business reason for initiating a project is now paramount. The selection of these projects usually is (or should be) the result of the organization's strategy and should have a business case.
Join Debbie Bigelow Crawford, PMP, President of PM College, for this one-hour on-demand webinar and dive into the three areas of focus that will produce more business-savvy project managers. 
Upon completion of this webinar, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how the project manager role is evolving into a business asset
  • Identify five principles for the business-savvy project leader
  • Proceed through the four steps to manage business outcomes
  • Recognize the major differences between traditional and business-focused project management.

This is a must-view event for PMO directors, managers, executive sponsors, and business leaders focused on improving business performance.

Watch An Organization’s Best Competitive Weapon: Business-Savvy Project Leaders Today!