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Troubled Projects? Key Strategies for Quick Turnarounds Webinar

LISTEN TO OUR ON-DEMAND WEBINAR RECORDING NOW! Is it possible to survive a troubled project and turn it into a successful one? The answer is yes!In this webinar, J. Kent Crawford combines expert data from two groundbreaking PM Solutions Research studies to address the issue of project failure and provide critical pathways to recovery. Learn how early detection... Read More »

Knowledge is Power: New Research Pinpoints Skills that Drive High-Performing Organizations

On Demand now available!What drives project success? Research has consistently shown that it’s having an effective project manager. Results from PM College’s latest research, “Project Manager Skills Benchmark 2015,” confirms this, showing that organizations with highly skilled project managers get significantly better project results. The survey also reveals which skills need the most improvement... Read More »

An Organization's Best Competitive Weapon: Business-Savvy Project Leaders

Traditional project management used to focus on the process of managing a project to successful completion. No more. When projects need to deliver business objectives, a broader acumen is needed.   Our economy and the flattened organization has exerted a pressure to shift from a narrow, strong, technical focus of project management to a broader, more business-driven focus. The business... Read More »

Is Project Management Training Worth It? Benchmarks and Trends Revealed

Does your team need project management training? Will it be worth it? How much is enough? What’s the best way to train your people? We surveyed over 240 companies to answer some of these probing questions on project management training.Respondents revealed project management training is definitely important to firms – but more importantly, it’s highly successful.... Read More »