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What Makes a Great Project Manager?

In 2000, I wrote “What Makes a Good Project Manager,” an article that was published in PM Network magazine. As I revisit this topic after a dozen years, taking into account new research, I am somewhat surprised – though I probably shouldn’t be— that the behavioral characteristics of a good project manager are still... Read More »

The Business-Savvy Project Manager

The past decade has seen the convergence of two trends that drive the need for project and program managers to improve their business acumen: as organizations have become less hierarchical, they increasingly rely on projects and programs to gain competitive edge.  Read More »

Accountability: Create the Competent Workforce These Times Demand

When are bad times good for you? — when they result in changes that separate the essential from the non-essential. As government and the private sector struggle to get more done with less, they must reexamine their processes and assumptions. Only by doing so can they create improved transparency and accountability, resulting in the improved public confi dence that will... Read More »