The Business-Driven Project Manager Training Program

PM College’s four-course, instructor-led Business-Driven Project Manager curriculum is the first to fully support the expanded role of the project manager with advanced training that focuses on aligning projects with tangible business impact. Organizations can elect to offer any combination of the four courses to fit into their corporate training curriculum, or immerse their project leaders with the full seven days of training, concluding with a learning path.

Courses Include:

Managing Project Outcomes for Business Impact (2 days)

In this flagship course within the business-driven curriculum, participants learn how to position themselves as a strategic business consultant to the organization and define the key steps to get better project clarity and alignment to strategic and organizational goals long-term. The course enlightens participants by showing the connections between their efforts on project initiatives and its impact on generating revenue, improving products and services, and transforming the future viability of their businesses.

Strategies for Effective Stakeholder Engagement (2 days)

This course provides practical, hands-on recommendations for identifying stakeholders, understanding influences of power and interest, recognizing stakeholder allies, opponents and neutrals, and creating an engagement strategy to build long-lasting relationships. Participants learn to set roles and expectations and come away with a built stakeholder engagement plan for an actual stakeholder.

Benefits Realization: How to Demonstrate Tangible Value Against Your Business Case Promise (2 days)

Leaders of projects at every level will learn processes and procedures to effectively identify and quantify, value and appraise, plan, realize, and review the benefits of their important project, program, and portfolio investments. Underpinning these key process steps are seven principles of effective benefits realization including: aligning benefits to strategy, start with the end in mind, utilize successful delivery methods, integrate benefits with performance management, apply effective governance, and develop a value culture. This advanced course focuses on real tools and proven practical concepts that will drive effective decision making and benefit realization success. The test at the end of the course results in accreditation as capable in the foundational concepts of benefits realization.

Portfolio Planning and Management (1 day)

Portfolio management is about making decisions about the future and putting them into action. As portfolio managers you will be involved in the implementation of strategy through the realization of project and program delivery. For this reason portfolio managers need to develop their business skills and a key element of this is about understanding the components and processes associated with strategic and governance management. This course is designed to provide knowledge in this area to help you relate strategy to the work your organization performs on programs and projects.

More Information

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