Project Management for Sponsors

Sponsors are the key stakeholder in nearly every project. Yet project sponsors often go through their careers without knowing what sponsorship means, except perhaps to approve the budget. However, engaged sponsorship is a differentiator between project success and failure.

This half-day course is designed specifically for senior-level managers and executives who want to understand and appreciate their role in helping projects deliver business results. Participants will obtain a more comprehensive perspective of the art of managing projects, the role of sponsorship in project management, the relationship between the project sponsor and project manager, and the critical questions and activities a sponsor perform--throughout the project life cycle--to ensure delivery of quality projects on time, within budget, and ahead of the competition.

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Key Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the foundations of a project management culture
  • Articulate the value of project management as it relates to the organization
  • Identify the characteristics of managing projects from a strategic perspective
  • Define the role and responsibilities of an effective Sponsor
  • Contrast the Sponsor role with the Project Manager role
  • Describe the typical life cycle of a project
  • Perform appropriate sponsor actions in support of the project life-cycle
  • Identify the questions and concerns a project sponsor should express during each portion of the project life cycle

Course Outline

The Value of a Project Management Culture

  • Define the characteristics of a project
  • Describe the purpose and the benefits of project management
  • Discuss the foundations of a project management cultureIllustrate how project management adds value to the organization.

Project Management Foundations

  • Describe the Opportunity Assessment phase—before a project’s formal initiation--and the sponsor’s importance
  • List and describe the five process groups of project management
    • Initiation
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Monitoring/Controlling
    • Closing

The Sponsor/Project Manager Relationship

  • Define the roles of the executive, project sponsor, and project manager
  • Determine the dependencies among the roles of executives, sponsors, and the project manager
  • Specify questions to ask the key stakeholders and the project team at each phase of the project lifecycle
  • Describe how the sponsor contributes to the stakeholder and communications plans
    • Identification
    • Analysis
    • Execution