Project Management Basics for Executives

This half-day course is designed specifically for senior-level managers and executives that want to understand and appreciate the value project management can bring in helping to execute business strategies.

Participants will obtain a more comprehensive perspective of the art of managing projects, the advantages and demands of implementing a project management culture, and the benefits of advancing organizational project management maturity. In addition, participants will see a demonstration of how best practices in project management can add consistency to the process of delivering quality products and solutions to customers on time, within budget, and ahead of the competition.

Key Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the foundations of a project management culture
  • Articulate the value of project management as it relates to the organization
  • Describe the benefits of a project management approach
  • Describe the stages of organizational project management maturity
  • Identify the characteristics of managing projects from a strategic perspective
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of executives and project managers
  • Describe the typical life cycle of a project
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the language of project management
  • Identify the tools and techniques that make up industry best practices

Course Outline

Project Management Overview

  • Define the characteristics of a project
  • Define the purpose and the benefits of project management

Project Management Roles and Issues

  • Define the roles of the executive, project sponsor, and project manager

Project Management Basics

  • List and describe the five process groups of project management
  • Describe the framework components of each of the five process groups
  • Identify ways to prioritize projects
  • Explain how to analyze the network diagram for the project
  • List and describe each of the components of the risk management process
  • Identify questions to assist in assessing project status

Creating a Project Management Culture

  • Describe foundations of a project management culture
  • List five elements of a project organization
  • Identify six steps for successful organizational change
  • Describe how to assess project management maturity