Managing Successful Programs

This 2-day program management course focuses on core disciplines required to deliver strategic objectives. It includes an integrated case study that will provide you with the opportunity to walk through the entire life cycle of a program while facing the types of realistic challenges that are encountered in any program. The course will provide the tools and techniques for program governance, program planning, effectively managing stakeholders and ensuring that your program realizes its benefits and defined objectives.

This is a course that is beneficial for those who are new or have just entered program management. It may be of particular benefit to those who have multiple years of project management experience or those that are currently working in a program management role and are now looking to enhance and expand their skill set. However, this is a course that can be customized to reflect the experiences and levels of participants

This course will be of benefit to learners who want to understand how to manage programs and the application of program management in the workplace. The course introduces learners to important program management techniques, key terminology and current methodology. This 2 day course will also provide the ideal preparation for more advanced program management application.

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Key Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use effective program management tools and techniques
  • Identify and implement best practice program management governance
  • Relate program delivery to business / strategic objectives
  • Initiate a large-scale program to implement organizational strategy
  • Manage, plan, execute and control a successful program consisting of multiple, related projects
  • Ensure the realization of project and program benefits
  • Effectively manage stakeholder relationships
  • Report and control of programs in an effective manner that utilize best practice reporting tools

Course Outline

Module 1: Defining Program Management

  • The purpose of program management
  • Projects versus programs versus portfolios
  • Linking programs to strategic goals
  • How to manage strategy through programs
  • The program manager’s role in delivering the benefits

Module 2: Program Management Life Cycle

  • Program governance and the program management office
  • Program benefit management – defining and realizing benefits
  • The stages of program management
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities across a program

Module 3: Setting up a Program Roadmap

  • Defining Program Benefits
  • Identifying Stakeholders and levels of involvement
  • Initiating a Program
  • Defining the Program Road-map
  • Identify a program financial plan

Module 4: Program Planning

  • Defining program goals and requirements
  • Developing a program schedule – managing dependencies
  • Monitor and control program status

Module 5: Program Reporting

  • Identify and analyzing program risk
  • Effective program reporting
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Effective program auditing
  • Management of program issues

Module 6: Managing Business Readiness

  • Control of program financials
  • Managing and realizing program benefits
  • Defining Business and Organizational Readiness
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Transition Programs into the Organization