Managing By Project (Simulation Course)

Increasingly, work is done by real-time, project-specific teams. As the core of an organization shrinks, better use must be made of the resources that remain and of contractors, temporaries, and part-timers. The complex resource management challenges that result are natural applications for project management skills. These skills facilitate any activity comprised of defined interrelated tasks that must be completed on time and within budget, while meeting specified customer requirements.

This 2-day workshop is designed specifically for those who must allocate resources, and manage and control a project from start to finish.  This course reinforces the learnings from PM College’s Project Management Essentials course through the simulation of a site security implementation project.  The emphasis of the project simulation is on the executing, controlling, and closing processes of the project.

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Key Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage by project
  • Use fundamental principles and tools
  • Organize and lead a project team
  • Plan, schedule, and control a project
  • Get quality work done on time and on budget
  • Emphasize the human side of project management
  • Experience a project from beginning to end
  • Value the customer’s viewpoint

Course Outline

Project Management Tools

  • Develop a work breakdown structure
  • Establish a critical path
  • Plan a kickoff event
  • Identify KPIs for project success

Project Simulation

  • Run a 21-week project with your team
  • Use and maintain project status reports
  • Redirect project work and resources based on project work
  • Plan team member development activities as part of the plan
  • Close the project

Project Debrief

  • Review the results of the project
  • Analyze project problems and alternative solutions
  • Celebrate project successes
  • Develop an action plan