Managing By Project – Construction Focus (Simulation Course)

Increasingly, work is done by real-time, project-specific teams. As the core of an organization shrinks, better use must be made of the resources that remain and of contractors, temporary personnel, and part-time employees. The complex resource management challenges that result are natural applications for project management skills. These skills facilitate any activity comprised of defined interrelated tasks that must be completed on time and within budget, while meeting specified customer requirements. During this project simulation, project managers will gain an understanding of the three basic tools of project management – WBS, Bar Chart, and the Network Diagram – and learn to use them together to effectively manage projects, while also managing the project team.

This 3-day workshop is applicable to those that are new or experienced and whose work is related to design-build construction, industrial or commercial facility remodeling, updating environmental systems, and sustainable building.  The case study in this course is specifically focused on an industrial control building remodel project.  Participants will also review resource allocation for employees, contractors, suppliers, and consultants.

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Key Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage by project
  • Use project management fundamental principles as applied to a design-build construction project
  • Plan, schedule and control a control building upgrade planning project through simulation
  • Review how to plan for concurrent activities, reduce time schedules and recalculate critical path.
  • Perform resource planning and resource leveling for the simulated CBU project
  • Demonstrate a project control cycle – situation assessment, goals/objectives, plan, performance measures\
  • Experience a project from beginning to end
  • Value the customer’s viewpoint

Course Outline

Project Management Tools

  • Review of project management process groups and knowledge areas and importance
  • Practice and use of simulation for Project Charter, Scope, WBS
  • Review of Activity attributes, optimal durations and dependencies
  • Estimation of durations and costs
  • Critical path analysis
  • Engage with hands-on concurrent activities, reduce time scheduling, critical path

Project Simulation - Introduction to Control Building Upgrade (CBU) Project

  • Overview of CBU Project
  • Calculating resource planning and resource leveling
  • Understanding budgeting process for the project
  • Cost estimating for the CBU Project
  • Manage the CBU project for project duration through simulation

Project Measures

  • Develop management project status reports
  • Review attributes of high performing project teams and motivation factors
  • Key Performance Indicators

Project Closeout

  • Review lessons learned through simulation managing vs. leading
  • Team work around scope change
  • Project closeout and final reports
  • Understanding the application of simulation to job and workplace