How to Model, Analyze, and Improve Business Processes

Understanding the business processes has a critical impact on gathering requirements for any project that will impact those processes.  Yet many business processes are undocumented, misunderstood, not optimized, not followed, error-prone and inefficient.  This course presents business process analysis techniques, methods and tricks to help participants model, analyze and improve manual and automated business processes.

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Key Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Model business processes using context, data flow, activity and swimlane diagrams to show workflow, transformations and scope
  • Analyze the models and extract requirements for business process improvement or information technology solutions
  • Use these techniques to identify problems in the current (as-is) situation or to predict behaviors in a proposed (to-be) solution

Course Outline

Introduction to Process Modeling

  • Analysis of Business Systems Analysis
  • Process Definition
  • Benefits of High-Quality Models

Modeling Business Processes

  • Creating Context Diagrams
  • Creating Process Models
  • Creating Event/Response Diagrams
  • Creating Wall Charts
  • Introducing BPMN Symbols

Analyzing Business Process

  • Analyzing Activity Diagrams and Process Models
  • Business Rules
  • Creating Decision Trees and Tables

Creating Activity Diagrams

  • Improving Business Processes