Guiding Organizational Change (Simulation Course)

Do you want to make organization changes faster with less resistance and greater employee commitment, less organization disruptions, and achieve more with every organizational change?  Facing an economic necessity to make major organization changes quickly, it is easy to forget that an organization does not change until its people change. People change first and when we understand how they do, the rest falls into place.
This powerful three-day workplace simulation, based on an actual change project, gives participants real experience with multiple, and sometimes simultaneous, organizational and personal changes, which they learn to navigate successfully. Participants’ new skills can be immediately applied to their workplace and to their projects to accomplish more effective and timely organizational changes.

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Key Outcomes

Participants in this workshop will experience, practice, and become naturally skilled in these five competencies:

1.    The Transition Process

  • The differences between change and transition
  • The 8 stages of transition that everyone must go through
  • Timing differences – why managers lose control of change
  • Change the people first, then the organization

2.    The Creative Process

  • The 5 steps of the creative process
  • The crucial step of creativity – and the one we are most likely to forget

3.    LEVERaging Transitions

  • How to help yourself and others through transitions
  • The five principles of applying LEVERage to changes
  • Making transitions quicker, less disruptive, and with better results

4.    Guiding Transitions

  • How to manage transitions; how to lead transitions
  • How to guide transitions – and why this is the most useful skill of all

5.    Crossing Points of No Return

  • Making final decisions as you go
  • Reducing options and alternatives –permanently
  • Making irrevocable commitments – the key to good transitions