Critical Judgment

Project management, for many people, is the "accidental profession." Becoming adept at project management however is far from accidental. The skillful project manager has learned from repeated experiences to predict project issues and prevent them before they even occur, or before they adversely impact their organization.

This course focuses on how to design a "responsive" project, aggressively managing the triple constraints, and communicating with peers, team members, and senior leadership in a manner that meets their needs. In addition, we’ll discuss how to effectively challenge the thought processes of key stakeholders and how to use precious time effectively. This class is designed to expand the insight of intermediate-to-experienced project managers to allow them to be more effective.

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Key Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage triple constraints aggressively
  • Process information to drive organizational change
  • Use intuitive processing effectively as a decision-making tool
  • Demonstrate critical judgment in scheduling
  • Use coaching techniques effectively for project success

Course Outline

The Leadership Lens: How Project Managers can Leverage Organizational Knowledge

  • Identify and describe the four “lenses” of leadership
  • Explain the method of processing information to drive organizational change
  • Explain methods for using appropriate lenses to assess project management tools
  • Describe techniques to adjust  lenses as organizational change occurs

Intuition and Thinking – Capitalizing on Both to Expand your Project Management Effectiveness

  • Identify the basis of intuition
  • Describe intuitive processing
  • Define appropriate situations to act on intuition
  • Describe the process of using intuition as a project manager’s decision-making tool

Ready to Baseline your Schedule?

  • Explain the PMI® processes
  • Define error types
  • Explain error correction
  • Identify tips and tricks for good schedule creation
  • Demonstrate scheduling critical judgment

Coaching for the Project Manager – Expanding your Capabilities through Others

  • Define coaching
  • Explain coaching applications within project management
  • Describe the application of coaching skills to communication planning
  • Identify coaching methods
  • Explain risk and change control lessons