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Bridging Your Competency Gap: Take ownership of your professional development

In case you haven't already realized it, professional project management competency is more than just a list of project management items that you do well. Professional project management competency comprises elements from across three areas: interpersonal competencies (e.g., listening), business/ management competencies (such as financial analysis) and project management competencies (like risk management). Some competencies may even cut across multiple areas (for example, some aspects of planning could be covered under both business and project management) and may have both soft and hard elements.

If you decide to embark on improving your professional project management competency you will need to keep all this in mind. You should also consider the importance of such an undertaking. It will take commitment on your part to pull together all of the pieces needed to help you achieve your goal. You will need to stay on a four-step path: Inventory your present project management competency, identify your desired project management competency, assess the gap between your desired and present project management competency, and create a plan for developing your identified competency gap.

Sound like work? Well, it is. However, keep in mind that each step you take brings you closer to taking ownership of improving your professional project management competency. Now, let’s get started...

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