Strategies for Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Aligning project goals with business goals is the focus of every project manager, but getting your stakeholders all engaged is often times like steering an ocean liner. Taking time to actually develop a strategy for effective stakeholder engagement for your project, is something that typically falls to the very last thing to do, if it ever gets done. Project management is very output driven, but this class will help you recognize that it is the project manager that needs to be OUTCOME focused for the benefit of both the project and the business.

Engaging your stakeholders early and often ensures project success. This course will provide practical, hands-on recommendations for understanding your stakeholders, understanding influences of power and interest, how to deliver bad news and how to recognize stakeholder allies, opponents and neutrals and how to get them all focused on project outcomes. Participants will learn to set roles and expectations that are needed to drive the project forward and align and communicate their project goals with strategic business goals and objectives.

This course uses action learning principles to focus on YOU and YOUR stakeholders, and how to develop a strategy that you will build throughout the course and put into immediate action. 

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Key Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify, analyze, and prioritize stakeholders
  • Develop a stakeholder register
  • Understand how the stakeholder analysis drives the Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Determine questions to ask key stakeholders to better manage and influence their engagement
  • Determine the level of involvement for each stakeholder through a Stakeholder Engagement Matrix
  • Determine the value of the communication plan
  • Assess your management style and power
  • Identify the principles of influence and determine an influence strategy

Course Outline

Identify & Analyze Stakeholders

  • Identify project stakeholders
  • Identify things to consider when analyzing stakeholders
  • Determine key stakeholders
  • Develop a stakeholder register
  • Perform a stakeholder analysis

 Planning Stakeholder Management

  • Describe how the stakeholder analysis drives the Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Determine the roles of the project manager and the project sponsor
  • Determine questions to ask the key stakeholders
  • Determine the level of involvement for each key stakeholder
  • Develop a Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix
  • Describe the importance of the communication plan

 Managing and Controlling the Stakeholder Engagement

  • Assess your own management style with the Blake Mouton Managerial Grid
  • Address two of the top leadership challenges in managing stakeholders – key stakeholders have different priorities and the project manager has accountability with no authority
  • Determine the type of power you have and use that to influence stakeholders
  • Identify the principles of influence
  • Identify ways to negotiate with the project sponsor
  • Determine an influence strategy